Bespoke Making Service

Our service is centred around the desire to provide a completely bespoke and personal service for our clients.

Studio Blackwell Bespoke Making Service

Not everyone wants, needs or can afford an interior designer, you may just need a little help with dressing your windows correctly for the space and purpose. 

This is where Studio Blackwell comes in!  When creating the best dressing options for a window or a room we take into consideration every element of the space: The size of the window in relation to the size of the room; the aspect of the window; the amount of light in the room; how much wall space is available to draw the curtains back into; as well as the all-important budget considerations.

Crucially, you will be at the centre of our work. Every choice of fabric, each line drawn, and every stitch sewn is inspired by your vision. We listen and absorb your individual tastes and preferences, and then work with you to select the perfect fabric for your project. We then set to work, creating and producing designs that achieve, and more often exceed, your expectations.

Studio Blackwell Consultation Service

Commercial Service

Studio Blackwell provides bespoke roller blinds for both large and small commercial properties, as well as providing stylish blinds and curtains for hotels. 

Consultation Service

We offer an auditing service where we can rejuvenate existing curtains and fittings in hotels and establishments where replacement has not been possible or a priority.