Curtains, Poles & Tracks

We can create any style of curtain you wish, from pencil pleat and triple pleating to the more contemporary style of a wave.

Studio Blackwell Curtains

We can create any style of curtain you wish, from pencil pleat and triple pleating to the more contemporary style of a wave. If you are at all unsure, we can advise which style of curtain would look best in your home. Although we are a contemporary specialist, we are also experienced in more traditional styles.

We also take pride in offering a free aftercare service with advice on cleaning and maintaining your fabrics so that they continue to provide joy for many years to come.

If you haven’t much or any experience commissioning curtains, then some of the terminology may be daunting; from talk of headings to pattern repeats and drops, it can be a bit baffling to say the least! There is no great mystery though, and we are always more than happy to advise and explain.

Studio Blackwell Triple pleat curtains

Triple, double or single pleats

We use a special stiffener in our headings which is then stitched in place to achieve either a double, triple or single (cartridge) pleat. These headings look smart and sit neatly.

Goblet pleats

These are also formed using the special stiffener. As the name suggests, they resemble the look of a goblet and achieve a slightly more formal look; we often used them with Italian Drapery.
Studio Blackwell Cottage gathering

Cottage gathering

This soft look, often gathered by hand, is ideal in old cottage-style houses. In my own house I have made curtains with a cottage heading and added a contrasting piping down the leading edges. They are hung on a beautiful navy-blue chunky pole with a stunning rose finial – if these are the style you choose then we can help you to pick some lovely trimmings of your own.
Studio Blackwell Wave curtains

Wave pleats

A wave heading is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and wave glider-cord contained within the track. This limits the extension of the curtain fabric to create a soft and simple continuous wave effect. The finished effect is even and very effective, it is the least “bulky” curtain design when it is drawn back, making it the ideal choice where wall space is limited. This style is often used in contemporary spaces as the end result is sleek, neat and fuss free! I love the adaptability of this design as they work particularly well with bi-folds and can be either set into a door recess or mounted on the outside of the space.
Studio Blackwell Voiles & sheer curtains

Voiles/sheer curtains

These are often (but not exclusively) used on patio doors, either to screen from the sun; to soften the aesthetics of the room; or for privacy.  The fabric options are endless!  They can look great used on their own or as a layer under curtains.

Studio Blackwell Bay Window Styling

Bay window styling

Styling bay windows can seem daunting, but rest assured, we have a great deal of experience in this area! Each needs discussion and planning in order to dress the window in the best way to celebrate its features. Either blinds and curtains can work, but sometimes one or other seems to lend itself better, and we can help you choose.
Studio Blackwell Curtains

Poles and Tracks

No Studio Blackwell curtain or blind is complete without a pole, track or headrail to accompany it! We work with suppliers of amazing poles and tracks, from brightly coloured wooden poles, to automated curtain tracks, Roman blind headrails, and everything in between. Whatever the project, we can supply the poles, tracks and roman blind headrails, and will be happy to make a complete design plan with you to suit your requirements and styling choices. In some circumstances you may wish to supply your own, which is no problem*. (*with the exception of Roman blind headrails, which due to safety legislation needs to be supplied by Studio Blackwell)


In most instances we are able to automate your pole, track or headrail. We can even choose a system that can be linked into your home hub so that you can operate it when you are away from the home – brilliant for security!

Linings and interlinings

All of our curtains will be lined at no extra charge. The only option that are left unlined are “voile” curtain which are intended to be light weight and sheer. 

As a general rule, and to get the best result possible with the fabric, we usually advise that you have your curtains interlined as well. This is a thick blankety layer which is hand sewn in between the main fabric and the lining at the back. It makes your curtains look more substantial and has great insulating properties.

All of the other bits and bobs that we use when making your curtains will be included in your quote.

SB Fabric of Summer

Bespoke Outdoor Blinds, Curtains and Garden Shade

With gardens, patios, terraces and balconies becoming the setting for memorable get togethers with loved ones, it makes sense that we would like them to be every bit as comfortable and stylish as our interiors. To celebrate the nation’s love of outdoor life, we have developed a complete range of off the shelf products to transform your outdoors. And, if you’re seeking that personal touch, we happily accept commissions for bespoke outdoor soft furnishings from tablecloths, napkins and placemats to box cushions and bespoke gazebo or pergola curtains, sails and blinds for shade.

Studio Blackwell Fabric of Summer Neutrals Linen Voile
Studio Blackwell Fabric of Summer bespoke outdoor awnings, sails, blinds & curtains
Studio Blackwell Consultation Service

Commercial Service

Studio Blackwell provides bespoke roller blinds for both large and small commercial properties, as well as providing stylish blinds and curtains for hotels. 

Consultation Service

We offer an auditing service where we can rejuvenate existing curtains and fittings in hotels and establishments where replacement has not been possible or a priority.