Pelmets, Swags & Tails

We can create pelmets, swags and tails to any style, shape or finish.

Studio Blackwell Pelmets

We can create pelmets, swags and tails to any style, shape or finish, from smart and subtle to grand and dramatic – whatever works best with the particular window we are dressing.

Studio Blackwell Swags and tails


Here at Studio Blackwell, we officially declare that pelmets are making a comeback! They are a great way of dressing up a formal space, they add additional colour or contrast and can soften the edges of a window. Pelmets work especially well with roman or roller blinds, as well as more traditional curtains.

Swags and tails

For more traditional homes, we are experienced in a range of styles: Swags and Tails; Italian drapery; pelmets and lambrequins. These all look stunning in a period homes with high ceilings.

Studio Blackwell Roman blinds in a bay

Bay window styling

Styling bay windows can seem daunting, but rest assured, we have a great deal of experience in this area! Each needs discussion and planning in order to dress the window in the best way to celebrate its features. Either blinds and curtains can work, but sometimes one or other seems to lend itself better, and we can help you choose.

Linings and interlinings

All of our curtains will be lined at no extra charge. The only option that are left unlined are “voile” curtain which are intended to be light weight and sheer. 

As a general rule, and to get the best result possible with the fabric, we usually advise that you have your curtains interlined as well. This is a thick blankety layer which is hand sewn in between the main fabric and the lining at the back. It makes your curtains look more substantial and has great insulating properties.

All of the other bits and bobs that we use when making your curtains will be included in your quote.

Studio Blackwell fabrics and finishes

Commercial Service

Studio Blackwell provides bespoke pelmets for both large and small commercial properties, as well as providing stylish pelmets, blinds and curtains for hotels. 

Consultation Service

We offer an auditing service where we can rejuvenate existing curtains and fittings in hotels and establishments where replacement has not been possible or a priority.